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Explore. Inspire. Achieve.

We encourage our Mariners to develop a focused vision for their future. Our students are engaged by specialized and compassionate educators that encourage all learners to explore their world, inspire them to recognize their potential, and support them to achieve their individualized goals.

Mariners Lead the Way!

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Central Office & Administration

Location: 525 12th St, Manistee, MI 49660 | Map
Telephone: (231) 723-3521
Fax: (231) 723-1507
Central Office Hours: M-F: 8:30am – 4:30pm

Superintendent: Ronald Stoneman
Board of Education President: Theresa Anderson

Central Office Staff

Ronald Stoneman
Superintendent -

Howard Vaas
Business Manager -

Amber Kowatch
Curriculum Director -

Sue Gustad
Assistant Business Manager -

Sara Schubert
Payroll/Human Resources/Insurance/Lunch -

Carrie Cameron
Accounts Payable Specialist -

Lauren Bergeman
Administrative and Communication Liaison -


Our Staff

View MMHS Staff
MMHS Staff  
 Name Title / Grade / Content Area Email
 Administrative Staff 
 Andy Huber HS/MS Principal
 Morgan Nowicki Assistant Principal
 Bridget WarnkeDean of Students
 Karen BeldoAdministrative Assistant
 Kasandra JohnsonAdministrative Assistant
 Paul Howes Guidance Counselor
 Tara Lange Guidance Administrative Assistant / Registrar
Kenn KottAthletic
 Kendra MikolajczakActivities Secretary/Athletics Administrative
  District Technology 
 Kenneth Blakey-Shell District Technology Director
 Gabe Delgado Elementary Device
Matt Froncek Apple Certified Technician
David Gagstetter Data & Device Systems
  MMHS School Instructional Staff 
 Gregg BennettSocial
 Troy Bytwork Social Science
 Amanda Clemons Language Arts
 Jane Deising Special Education
 Rachel Edmondson Language
 Cindy Erdman Special Education
 Amanda Feyen Choir
 Joe Hendges Social Science
 Marcy Huber Math
 Kristen Johnson Special Education
 Sam Joseph Language Arts
 Brooke Koller Special Education
 Andrea Mack Instrumental Music
 Mitch Mast Science
 Cassie Miller PE/Health
 Erryn Moore Math
 Troy Nezki Math
 Cheryl O'Connor Social Studies
 Ryan O'Donnell Science
 Mary Olson Science
 Amber Poortvliet Science
 Kevin Postma Science
 Amber Puchtel Art
 Lucas Quakkelaar Language
 Tobia Purple Special Education
 Dan Saylor Social
 Polly Schlaff Language Arts
 Devin Schweigert
Whitney Simic-Finch Math
 Joel Smith Social Studies
 Kathy Smith Math
 Hannah Starmann Language Arts
 Amy Watkins Math
Thressa AmbroseAcademic
Ingrid BondBand
Courtney ColeOne to One
Alyssa DewittGeneral
Todd GarberGeneral
Kristen MezeskeSensory / General
 Robert Von HerbruckBuilding Substitute
 Jennifer WilliamsMS Activities Director / Sensory / Library
 MMHS School Custodial
James Kropacek Custodian
Dan Lloyd Custodian
Steve Sciba Custodian
Susan Steinberg Custodian
Nutrition Service
 Keri CarlsonNutrition Service Director
Stacy ApplegarthNutrition
Jessica BrownNutrition Service 
 Richard KoonNutrition Service (Driver)
Bonnie KruseNutrition
 Terri MorskiNutrition Service (Meals on Wheels)
 Jennifer RogersNutrition Service (Senior Meals Program)
 Linda WandrychNutrition Service
Josh SchubertFacilities
 Paine Aquatic Center 
Corey VanFleet


View Kennedy Staff
Administrative Team

Principal: Joanie Wiersma |

Administrative Assistant: Carly Cheever |

Instructional Staff

Jennifer Abel
Resource Room

Wendy Adamski 
Specials - PE/Health 

Leah Antal 
3rd Grade Teacher 

William Edmondson
4th Grade Teacher

Amanda Feyen
Elementary Music

Tanya Hunter
5th Grade Teacher

Jaclyn Kaminski
5th Grade Teacher

Andrea Mack 
Specials - Instrumental Music 

Tina Mannon 
4th Grade 

Taylor Mellon 
5th Grade Teacher 

Alayna Neilly
3rd Grade Teacher

Emily Noteware 
Resource Room  

Sarah Padgett
4th Grade Teacher

Michael Rosteck
Specials - Elementary Art

Rose Savela
5th Grade Teacher 

Kayla Szokola 
3rd Grade Teacher

Sam Zeller
Elementary Coding

Kelly Zimmerman  
4th Grade Teacher

Non-Instructional Staff

Gabby Applegarth
Academic Specialist

Krista Bennett
Math Coach

Linda Coyle
Academic Specialist

Chasity Gouker
Title I Reading/Literacy Coach

Emma Peake

Andra Shobe
Academic Specialist


Ingrid Bond

Jill Johnson

Natalie Knickerbocker

Maggie Madsen

Sarah Papes

Alissa Stickel

Nutrition Services

Carol Hansen

Laura Olk

Custodial Staff

Don Froncek

Johnny Skocelas



View Jefferson Staff
Administrative Staff

Julia Raddatz, Principal

Amy Miller, Administrative Assistant

Kasandra Johnson, Administrative Assistant

Instructional Staff

Elizabeth Adams, Kindergarten

Wendy Adamski, Elementary PE/Health

Amy Bush, Special Education

McAnn Bradford, Second Grade

Amanda Feyen, Elementary Music

Cindy Lundberg, Kindergarten

Cindy Matthes, Second Grade

Isabella Rankin, Second Grade

Michael Rosteck, Elementary Art

Josh Smith First Grade 

Christine Slawinski, Kindergarten

Anna Marie Thompson, First Grade

Bryan Tomaszewski, Second Grade

Emily Tomaszewski, First Grade

Allison Veine, Kindergarten

Michelle Wilson, First Grade

Sam Zeller, Elementary Coding

Non-Instructional Staff

Krista Bennett, Math Coach

Deb Erdman, Academic Specialist

Deb Forward, Academic Specialist

Chasity Gouker, Title I Reading/Literacy Coach

Tracy Shimel, SafeNet


Macie Goodspeed

Trevor Hodges

Phil Kroll

Tamara Jackoviak

Michelle Johnson

Stephanie Johnson

Katy Lacki

Rachel Lindeman

Kristie Schlafley

Clay Slawinski

Misty Weber

Kelly Weller

Custodial Staff

Charles Carver

Bill Cole

Nutrition Services

Melissa Gutowski

Bonnie Krus


View Childcare, Preschool & GSRP Staff
Preschool Staff - 231-398-3758

Sandy Ludwig - Pre-School Teacher & After School Program -
Amber Hiipakka - Pre-School Teacher Assistant

3 & 4 Year Old Daycare - 231.398.3754

Julie Zajac - Daycare Lead
Brittan Manke - Daycare

MAPS Great Start Readiness Program Staff - 231-398-3757

Amy Brown, GSRP Lead Teacher
Brenda Struble, GSRP Teacher Assistant
Courtney Gibbs, Classroom Helper

Renee Turmel, Lead Teacher
Nancy Zatarga, Teacher Assistant
Ashley Johnson Classroom Helper

Nancy Anciso, Lead Teacher
Sandy Ludwig - Pre-School Teacher & After School Program -
Amber Hiipakka - Pre-School Teacher Assistant

After School Care Staff - 231.398.3758

Sandy Ludwig - Pre-School Teacher & After School Program -
Amber Hiipakka - Pre-School Teacher Assistant

Morning Care Staff - 231.398.3758

Ashley Johnson, Lead


View Transportation Staff
Transportation Department (Bus Garage:  231.732.4821)
Michael Jarvis, Director of Transportation,
Cassandra Adamick
Bonnie Dutkavich,
Mark Feliczak,
Marty Johnson,
Lee Miller
Scott Phillips
Linda Robbins,
Eric Thuemmel,
Jessica Wisner,
MAPS Student Behavioral Health Services Team

Chris Eldredge, Limited Licensed Psychologist. Chris provides individual and group therapy, psychological services, staff training and crisis intervention at Manistee Middle & High School. Chris has a specialty certification in substance abuse treatment, is an advance trainer in the Nurtured Heart therapy approach and has over 30 years of experience in the mental health field.

Cecilia Lester, Limited Licensed Masters of Social Work. Cecilia provides individual and group therapy at Manistee Middle & High School. Cecilia has experience supporting students in crisis and linking students to resources. This is Cecilia’s second year working with MAPS.

Katie Petoskey, Limited Licensed Masters of Social Work with School Social Worker Certificate. Katie is supporting Kennedy Elementary school students by providing individual therapy and leading Social Emotional Learning (SEL) groups. Katie completed an internship with the MAPS ISD and has a history of working with individuals in a school setting.

Theresa Patnoude, Licensed Professional Counselor. Theresa supports students throughout MAPS by conducting screenings, obtaining consent forms, and developing treatment plans with families and staff. Theresa comes to MAPS with an extensive background in the mental health field as a director, group facilitator and case manager.

Jordan Riley (formerly Jordan Johnson), Masters in Applied Behavioral Analysis. Jordan supports Jefferson Elementary school students with their skill development, collects data, manages crisis, and trains staff in evidence-based practices. Jordan has over 8 years of experience working with individuals with moderate to severe behavioral concerns.

Chris Bigelow, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Licensed Professional Counselor.  Chris is the Director of the Behavioral Health Team and supports MAPS by providing case consultation, data analysis, developing behavior plans, assessing threats, providing Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) training, and coordinating care.

View MAPS Student Health Center Staff

Amanda Serio, FNP-BC, Medical Provider, Northwest Michigan Health Services,

Cheryl Wolfram, Community Health Worker, Northwest Michigan Health Services, Inc,

Derrick Martinez, LLMSW, Behavioral Health Specialist, Northwest Michigan Health Services, Inc,

Alicia Harmon, Enabling Services Coordinator/Marketing, Northwest Michigan Health Services, Inc,


Guiding Our Philosophy


Mariners lead the way by providing an inclusive, high-quality, diverse educational environment that inspires and fulfills the goals of all learners at every stage of their journey.

MAPS Leading-Edge Promise

We provide every student with the knowledge and values necessary to become productive and successful citizens of our world. With innovation, dedication, and integrity, we create a learning environment that inspires every student and educator to reach their highest potential.


Leading a connected Manistee learning community, which supports the educational journey of each individual student through persistent dedication to student-centered success.


– Deliver on our promise to help every student learn
– Support a collaborative learning and working environment
– Bring focused and positive energy to everything we do
– Minimize behaviors/actions/decisions that drain our resources

Guiding Principle: We believe all students can learn.

Non-Negotiable: Achievement – We will find the potential in each student and create an environment that supports their learning.

  • Every child that enters our school district will receive our attention and dedication to finding the keys to their personal success.

Guiding Principle: All decisions we make are based upon impact to effect learning.

Non-NegotiableImpact– We will focus all efforts on seeking ways to support and extend learning.

  • Our focus is always on student learning.
  • We are open-minded, lifelong learners who stay in touch with, share, and use research-based practices.
  • We identify and revise practices that do not help students learn.

Guiding Principle: We focus on goals that drive achievement.

Non-Negotiable: ResultsWe will set measurable goals, identify improvement strategies, and skillfully adapt instruction to meet student needs.

  • Assessment results are used to inform us about the effectiveness of curricular and instructional decisions.
  • We analyze assessment results hold data-driven discussions and make impactful decisions for improved student achievement.
  • We establish attainable goals for specific measurables, in both instructional efforts and individual student progress.

Guiding Principle: We are committed to an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.

Non-Negotiable: Accountability– We will lead by example and take responsibility for the energy we bring to all that we do.

  • We reflect the values of our Mission & Vision in our daily practice. When our actions match our words, we build trust and respect with each other, our students, and our support community.
  • We work together to establish an atmosphere of trust and respect, in which we can all feel safe to communicate.
  • Our interactions with students and each other are characterized by the tenets of TRACK.
  • We allow individuals to feel comfortable discussing their observations or concerns with one another because they know they will not be judged or punished.
  • Disagreements are treated with respect and acknowledged as an opportunity to learn and grow.
  • Each individual is given equal time to express an opinion or share an idea.

Guiding Principle: We believe that all students belong to all of us.

Non-Negotiable: GuidanceWe will hold ourselves responsible for supporting the educational experience of all MAPS students throughout our district.

  • We accept and act on the belief that all students belong to all adults.
  • We are committed to working beyond the boundaries of our classrooms and buildings to serve the needs of every student.
  • We work together for the success of all students, there is no blame when things do not go well, but instead we are committed to seeking solutions to problems or setbacks in the interest of each and every student’s achievement.

Guiding Principle: Working together enables us to attain our desired outcomes.

Non-Negotiable: Collaboration-We will reach beyond our classrooms and work with each other to identify and support the strengths of every student.

  • We work together to positively impact student achievement and deliver the Leading-Edge Promise.
  • We focus on and speak only in solutions.
  • Participation in culture building is both a right and a responsibility.
  • TRACK guides the development of character and a positive school environment and is primary to our success as individuals and our ability to instill these values in our students and each other.
  • Our commitment to communication allows for a productive work environment and therefore student success.
  • We put education first, and we know we can deliver on this when we encourage each other to share our best ideas and work collaboratively.
  • Ideas which lead to increased student learning are recognized and praised by peers.

Staff Resources

MAPS Behavioral Health Services

In 2019, the MAPS Behavioral Health Services program was developed through grant funding and in partnership with the Manistee Intermediate School District, CentraWellness, and Northwest Michigan Health Services to address the behavioral health needs of our MAPS students.  The early successes of this program led to consideration of expanding upon the health services provided to our students. 

In 2021, the MAPS Student Health Center opened onsite at MMHS to offer comprehensive primary care and behavioral health services for MAPS students ages 5 to 21 years.  It is open year-round and is comprised of an integrated team of practitioners to address medical and mental health needs.

When the basic health care needs of our students are met, they are better able to perform in school.  Offering accessible care for both preventative and acute care within our district, we intend to provide our students with a holistic approach for overall wellbeing.

Manistee Area Public Schools Employment Postings

Manistee Area Public Schools is an equal opportunity employer.

District Policy:  Nondiscrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, gender, age, disability, height, weight or marital status in all activities and employment.