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So here’s the plan…as a Mariners we want to help you craft a journey that will inspire you to reach further, dream bigger, and make a difference in the world. Are you ready?

With all of the really cool things happening from the classroom to after school activities, you will have countless choices to get involved with great people and do fun things. We are excited to have you as a member of our MAPS family.

Mariners Lead the Way!

Student section at football game

As Manistee Mariners, we are all leaders in our own way. Mariners Lead at school, with friends, and in the community by developing healthy relationships, using responsible decision-making and respectful communication.

Mariners able to be relied upon as honest and dependable

Mariners are able to express courtesy to opinions and beliefs

Mariners are able to welcome diversity without judgment

Mariners are able to work jointly towards common goals

Mariners are of good nature, helpful, and appreciative

Upstander Pledge

In an effort to proactively address concerns of bullying, each year our MMHS students take the Upstander Pledge in which they commit to taking a personal stand to intervene or report bullying, and other acts of cruelty, whenever and wherever they are witnessed. This Pledge is a point of pride for our student community, empowering them to build their own culture of intolerance toward bullying.

Day ONE Declaration

At this school we are committed to creating an environment that is not only about academic excellence, but also about relationships and creating community, one that is safe for and respectful of ALL its members.  I want to make a statement about how you and I are expected to behave here and how you and I are expected not to behave. We all have had times when we have said or done hurtful things to others out of thoughtlessness, lack of awareness, or because it seems like just a joke.  We all may be tempted at times to treat other people poorly out of frustration or retaliation or because others are doing it or because someone acts in a way that we don’t like.

We ask that you demonstrate awareness, respect, restraint, and self-control. With every comment online or offline, these actions could be doing damage to someone’s feelings and emotional well-being. This is not acceptable.  So let me be clear; Any act of bullying, harassment or humiliation against another person… student or adult – online or offline, is against our values. Any cruel words, actions or attempts to harm someone’s reputation will not be accepted.

Specifically, cruelty based on race, ethnicity, sex, body shape or size, or physical,mental or learning disability, how much money they have or don’t have, or political beliefs is taken very seriously here. There is no place for those who pick on anyone because you think they act too much like a boy or too much like a girl, or because you don’t like how they dress,or look, or their customs, their sexual orientation, or their religion or if they have no religion at all. We ask you this: think about your actions and how you want to be treated by others.

In this place we expect you to do your best to demonstrate respect, kindness and empathy to everyone. If you see someone doing harm to another person, report it or if you feel safe, try to stop it. Joining in or doing nothing is not being respectful or kind. If you feel like going the extra step, approach the person who was targeted later with a kind word or gesture. It isn’t tattling or snitching if you are helping someone.  You might just be saving someone’s life. We all make mistakes, so if someone disrespects you, simply say, “That is disrespectful. Please stop.” Get help if the person doesn’t listen. And if someone tells you that something you said or did is hurtful or disrespectful,listen, make amends, and examine your actions.

And now I want to ask: does everyone understand what I have said and what we expect of you here?


Upstander Pledge

When I witness bullying at school, home, work, online, or in my place of worship, I will choose to be an upstander.  I will intervene or report the abuse, and I will reach out to the bullied person to offer support. If I learn that someone is feeling very isolated, depressed or potentially suicidal I will reach out and tell this person that their life has value, no matter how they feel at the moment and no matter what others say or think. I will support them to the best of my ability and connect them with resources or people who can offer assistance.  I will work to make others feel safe and included by showing respect and compassion. I will not use demeaning language, slurs, gestures or jokes about anyone’s sexuality, size, gender, race, ethnicity, any kind of disability, religion, lack of religion, income, politics or other differences… even if they behave that way to me. I will tell someone who is in a position of authority what I saw and heard and make sure there is follow-up.

We asked students what it means to “Be on TRACK”. This is what they shared:

Respect Staff, Property and Classmates

Treat others as you want to be treated

Be responsible, Be present, and Be considerate

Be on task and productive

Explore your world. Inspire your potential. Achieve your goals.

Beginning with your first year as a Mariner, you are given the opportunity to identify your interests and chart a journey that will guide you through your own MAPS experience. It’s up to you. So tell us, where will your journey take you?

  • Extracurricular activities
  • Specialized classes to provide support or extra challenge
  • Peer mentorship
  • Trades/skills development
  • Arts programs
  • Community involvement
  • Career focused electives


Express Your Creativity

Academic Experiences

Choose Enrichment with a Side of Fun

Peer Support

Support and Be Supported

Academic Teams

Compete & Learn

The Manichigan

The Manistee High School Yearbook, The Manichigan, has a long tradition of documenting student life. Each volume is created by students, for students—capturing what it means to be a Mariner through our coverage of all activities, events, and special moments. 

Mariner Herald

Read all about the happenings around campus written and produced by our Mariner Herald staff. Have an idea for a story? Reach out and tell us all about it.

Mariner Chronicle Archive

Mariner Chronicle 2023-24 Volume 2 Staff:

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Editor: Libby MCCarthy


Mariner Chronicle 2023-24 Volume 1 Staff:

Advisor: Mr. Joseph
Editor: Libby MCCarthy
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