Grayson Prince has signed his letter of intent to play soccer for The University of Olivet. He will be playing as the goalkeeper. 

Prince has stated that one of his first memories is playing soccer and he doesn’t remember a life before playing. His whole family is into soccer, his dad coaches soccer, his brother plays soccer as well, so it was just a natural transition into becoming a passion for Prince as well. 

Soccer is a physical game as well as a mental game. He likened the game of soccer to playing chess. You have to study the opponents as well as your own plays. He was very clear that you don’t learn as much from a win as a loss, so he takes a loss gratefully and uses it as a learning opportunity. 

Along with the mental aspect of studying the plays is having absolute confidence in yourself. He says it is a very thin line between being arrogant and humble and confident. You have to mesh all of the three together along with having confidence in your own team.

He states that their team is like a family and a brotherhood; they keep each other accountable and there is a culture of pushing each other to their full potential. He laughs and says that his teammates make his stats look good. Every player has their role in the field and they work together in harmony to be the best team that they can be. 

When he was a child, he was inspired by Shane Harrigian and Anselmo Sarabia. The way they pushed themselves on the field was very inspiring to him. Before seeing Harrigian play, Prince wanted to be a striker. This all changed because Harrigian was a goalkeeper and it inspired Prince so much that he became a goalkeeper. It also didn’t hurt that his father was also a goalkeeper and he is keeping that family tradition going. 

While he isn’t playing soccer and sharing popcorn with his father, he enjoys playing basketball, golf, and video games. He is looking forward to having his family attend his soccer matches and to cheer him on. 

He hopes to remain in the sports industry after graduation which is why he chose to major in Sports Recreation Management. Either as a professional soccer player or behind the scenes in management, we know that Prince is going to thrive and conquer whatever he sets his mind on.